26 Oct 2013

Royal Navy 1960s Heavy Flight Deck Tractor Model

This type of flight deck tractor, known as Tugmaster, was derived from an industrial / airport tow vehicle. It first saw service with the Royal Navy in 1960 on HMS Victorious (R38) but was swiftly phased out late in the decade and replaced with a new purpose-built 4WD tractor.

This 1:72 scale model kit is from F4Models (cat. # 7009). The kit contains resin and photo etched parts, decals and instruction sheet. The model will fit nicely into a Royal Navy carrier deck diorama accompanying Gannets, Scimitars, Sea Vixens or Buccaneers. A 1:48 scale kit of the same tractor was also produced (cat. # 4001).
Some photographs that show this type of tractor in action: linklink.