26 Dec 2013

Royal Navy 1990s-2010s Flight Deck Tractor Model

The original purpose-built 4WD/4WS flight deck tractor first saw service on the Royal Navy's Audacious class carriers in the late 1960s. It went through a number of modernizations, changing in appearance. This particular model kit represents the last incarnation of the tractor, in service on flight decks since the 1990s and until the mid-2010s.

The 1:72 scale model kit is produced by F4Models (cat. # 7005) and includes resin and photo etched parts, decal and instruction sheet. The set also contains parts for building a standard Royal Navy tow bar.
On a flight deck diorama this tractor can accompany your 1:72  Sea Harrier FA2, Harrier GR7 / GR9, Sea King, Lynx or Merlin.
Here are some "in action" photographs (link, link) and a diagram that explains the evolution of this particular type of flight deck tractor: