26 Mar 2015

Detail Set for StepVan 1970s-1990s USAF Flight Crew Vehicle Model

There is a 1:72 scale plastic kit (Hasegawa # X7207) that contains parts to build a Chevrolet StepVan flight crew vehicle frequently seen on USAF air bases as well as on some Naval and Marine Corps Air Stations throughout the 1970s and until the 1990s. Although well moulded, this kit could benefit from additional fine detailing.

Therefore, we present a detail set intended for those who wish to get more from the aforementioned plastic kit. This 1:72 scale resin and photoetched metal set, made by F4Models (cat. # 7030), contains correctly shaped "no mask" wheels, dashboard, finely etched radiator grille and windshield frames, rear view mirrors, windshield wipers and badges.

This detail set is for experienced modelers only, as applying it will require careful removal of certain details from the base kit.

Here is my StepVan built using this set:

For reference purposes, here are some historic photographs that show USAF (linklinklink) and U.S. Navy (link) vans in action.