21 Jun 2018

Detail Set for WC-51 3/4 Ton 4WD Truck

This set (F4Models # 7035) contains metal photo-etched items to detail one WC-51 or WC-52 U.S. Military ¾ ton 4WD truck model.
- This is a detail set and not a full kit. It is suitable to detail the 1:72 scale plastic model of the Dodge WC-51 / WC-52 truck produced by Italeri.
- This set is for modellers with experience and high level of skill; do not buy this set if you build your kits "out of the box" and use paint brush to hand-paint them.
- The production run was extremely limited, with only 10 sets produced. Write directly for ordering.
- The key items in this detail set are the radiator grille, the front fenders and the windshield, as the respective kit's plastic parts are unrealistically thick. Other small items are also included, such as the steering wheel, rear bumpers, jerry can holder and rearview mirrors. As this set is mainly intended for aircraft diorama builders and not for AFV modellers, it does not contain options to detail the items that, according to available historic photographs, were not used on airfield utility vehicles. In particular, the set contains no items to detail the crew weapons and respective holders / mounts.
- When building the Italeri model (as well as it's predecessors), do not forget to alter the suspension and drivetrain parts to lower the ground clearance, as the kit's parts, if used "out of the box", will give the model a totally unrealistic "big foot" appearance.